Monday, June 26, 2017

Feng Shui wind and water

Feng Shui wind and water in the home and your inner spirit will help you live longer and have a
happier life. It is important to have domestic harmony Ch'i is your invisible life force and has been
proven that we all have it. It is a positive life flow that is in all nature,people,and even homes.
When this positive energy is blocked problems can occur in your life and homes. Feng Shui goes back more then five thousand years in China and in its basic form can create harmony in your home.
You should have a home where it can flow through out each room in a gentle way. The flow of Ch'i in the room should be used in a way in which the purpose of the room is intended. In rooms with work you should have mirrors,crystals and wind chimes to help the relaxing effect of the room. Bedrooms should have less to promote quiet sleep and happy dreams. A tall flowering plant gives energy to a room and directs the flow of Chi upwards and onwards.
Harmony Feng Shui