Friday, June 30, 2017

Bees Honey

When using honey for baking add a pinch of baking soda. This will neutalize the honey's acidity and  help the food to rise. If you are making jams, jellies, or candies increase the cooking temperature  just a bit which will allow the extra liquid to evaporate. There are many different types of honey  with different flavors. Orange bloossom honey has a light taste while buckwheat honey is stronger and  better on toast and muffins.
When not to use honey. You should never give honey to infants because it can contain spores that can  cause botulism. They do not thrive in older children or adults. However in infants they can spread and cause infant botulism. Doctors and research have said you should never feed honey to infants  under one year old.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Proper Lifting

  A set of exercises is how many repetitions you do (for example, three sets). There are many different things you can do during a workout. A repetition is how many times you do an exercise (for example, 10 repetitions in a set). The routine is a term given how you manage the weight program; it is something to managing a schedule of a weight lifting program. Routines are made to split the workout in such a way, that you are not overtraining the same muscle groups. Rest and recovery is extremely important. Take at least 36-48 hours in between lifting the same muscle groups.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Feng Shui wind and water

Feng Shui wind and water in the home and your inner spirit will help you live longer and have a
happier life. It is important to have domestic harmony Ch'i is your invisible life force and has been
proven that we all have it. It is a positive life flow that is in all nature,people,and even homes.
When this positive energy is blocked problems can occur in your life and homes. Feng Shui goes back more then five thousand years in China and in its basic form can create harmony in your home.
You should have a home where it can flow through out each room in a gentle way. The flow of Ch'i in the room should be used in a way in which the purpose of the room is intended. In rooms with work you should have mirrors,crystals and wind chimes to help the relaxing effect of the room. Bedrooms should have less to promote quiet sleep and happy dreams. A tall flowering plant gives energy to a room and directs the flow of Chi upwards and onwards.
Harmony Feng Shui

Sunday, June 25, 2017

You can also have bursitis show up

If you are having pain in your knees try wearing knee pads when you are working in a kneeling position. Make sure to use a foot stool instead on applying pressure to your knees. When you have bursitis pain in your elbows and you read with your elbows supporting the weight of the book use a book hold to hold up the book. Another thing to do is rest the area and apply ice for twenty minutes. If you don't have a ice pack use frozen peas or corn. After a few days of ice you can use a heating pad for twenty minutes on the area to increase blood flow to the joints and bursa sac.
After you have relieved the pain go ahead and exercise the area with stretching and moving the area through a full range of motion. If its in your arm you can swing your arms in a clockwise and counter clockwise circle motions slowly at first. If you have had bursitis in your should area you can do some simple movements. Crawl your hand up the wall like a spider with slow controlled movements. If you have someone massage the area this will help promote the blood flow  You can also take two regular strength aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling until you can return to regular movements without pain. You can also take Advil or Ibuprofen which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug these will help with the pain and inflamation.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Heat exhaustion occurs when the body is not able to cool itself

It is imperative if you are going to play sports or exercise in extreme heat that you are well hydrated before you start the activity. You must replenish fluid that are lost through your sweat. General guid lines say that you should drink 17 to 20 ounces of fluid two to three hours prior to your work out. You should drink seven to ten ounces of drinks during your exercise and eight ounces after you are done.
Heat Illness

Friday, June 2, 2017

When you have low energy

Having low energy levels makes your feel "old". When you have low energy, you just can't enjoy life as much, right?... - You're not as productive at work (or in life!)... - You don't have energy to exercise or do physical activities... - Your mind isn't as sharp and you have "brain fog"... - You're too tired to be "intimate" with your special someone... - You don't even enjoy your leisure time as much because you just want to rest and "do nothing". Most people say "well, I'm just getting older", but it doesn't have to be this way. There is a simple way to quickly improve and fix this and have more natural energy! In today's video, my friend Dr. Sam Robbins reveal how you can turn ON your "energy switch" and give your body the #1 element it needs for all-day youthful energy, and razor sharp thinking.

Your physical activity

Your physical activity has a direct effect on your health. Most physical activity recommendations for health incorporate increase levels of both unstructured and structured work outs. Moderate exercise such as walking for thirty minutes can have significant health benefits. During the week try and do some walking,gardening,climbing or any activity that will increase your heart rate. It is important that properly planned exercise program should be safe and it will increase your health benefits.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Regular stretching before exercise

Stretching does many things for the body. It increases the elasticity of soft tissue and decreases your chance for injury by making your body more flexible. It is best to do a proper warm-up before stretching. You can jog for 5-10 minutes to warm up your muscles. New research has shown that a dynamic stretching protocol prior to exercise is best. Dynamic protocols are a way to move in a functional way. For this type of warm-up you need progressive, continuous movements such as high knees, butt kicks, lunges, forward and lateral movements, skips, and any change of direction exercises.
  Cross training is a great way to loose weight. Your body gets used to doing the same thing everyday. It needs a change. If you do the same workouts your body will adapt and no longer be affected by what you are doing. Change is essential to overall fitness and health. When you are doing something you enjoy, and something different it is easier to keep up a routine because boredom is not as much of a problem. Overall, cross training helps to prevent injuries, burnout, and exhaustion, while at the same time improving strength, fitness, mental and physical health, and happiness.
Sports Training