Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prunes have long been known to be a home remedy for constipatio

 Prunes also contain soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol which should be part of a healthy
diet. They also contain a natural sugar, sorbitol which also soaks up water. Research has shown they  contain fifteen percent sorbitol which is great and potent for relieving constipation. They help the  stimulate the intestine making it contract which helps you go to the bathroom. It is recommended that if you are having trouble going to the bathroom try eating two to five prunes a day.
 As with most fruits they contain vitamins and minerals. You get a lot of health benefits from eating
prunes. One of the nutrients that you get is beta-carotene an antioxident and potassium which helps  keep blood pressure down. You can drink the juice but it has less fiber then the whole fruit. The  juice does contain a right amount of vitamin C. If you can it is better to eat the whole fruit to get the best benefits for your health.
Prunes and Constipation