Monday, February 13, 2017

One of the biggest benefits come from the skin

Potatoes are high in complex carbohydrates which are broken down in the blood stream slowly which is good for your body. Research has shown the you can make different filled spuds which are lower in  calories and high in nutrients. You can microwave them for eight to ten minutes and turn them and  test with a small knife to see when they are soft in the middle
In the kitchen you need to prepare them correctly so they don't lose all the great vitamins. Boiling them is the worst way to prepare them. They will lose most of the good nutrients. Some taste best  baked while other types are better in soups and salads. Some types are best when you steam them. Wax  potatoes are white or red and are best cooked to make soups and stews. The russet variety is starchy  potato which is best for mashing or baking. Spuds like long whites are great for baked, boiled, or  steamed. When you bake them you can slice them and spread the evenly on a baking sheet. You can bakes them for ten to fifteen minutes or until tender and golden.
Potatoes for your health