Monday, February 20, 2017

A natural pill that's proven to lower your cholesterol

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Lose weight for good

You need to plan meals and snacks.  Make sure to buy the correct foods and planning meals will help you stay on track and keep up with your weight loss or fitness goals.  If you plan ahead and buy foods that are healthy you will eat them.  Do not buy junk food it is tough but needed.  If it is not easily accessible, you will not be as likely to stop from healthy eating patterns. You need to have support system.  A support system may include a friend, spouse, significant other, parent, coworker, therapist, trainer, or support group.  Having others around you to help you and give motivation will be essential. An athletic trainer is great for this.
Lose Weight for Good with Noom, try it free!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prunes have long been known to be a home remedy for constipatio

 Prunes also contain soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol which should be part of a healthy
diet. They also contain a natural sugar, sorbitol which also soaks up water. Research has shown they  contain fifteen percent sorbitol which is great and potent for relieving constipation. They help the  stimulate the intestine making it contract which helps you go to the bathroom. It is recommended that if you are having trouble going to the bathroom try eating two to five prunes a day.
 As with most fruits they contain vitamins and minerals. You get a lot of health benefits from eating
prunes. One of the nutrients that you get is beta-carotene an antioxident and potassium which helps  keep blood pressure down. You can drink the juice but it has less fiber then the whole fruit. The  juice does contain a right amount of vitamin C. If you can it is better to eat the whole fruit to get the best benefits for your health.
Prunes and Constipation

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Did you see an ever-growing stomach, soft, “flabby” fat

When you looked yourself in the mirror, did you see a fresh, young face, or Did you stagger into the bathroom, ankles and knees creaking, hunched over from back pain and tightness, and see an old version of yourself staring back through the mirror? With bags under your eyes, dry & graying hair, wrinkled & dry skin? When you looked down as you got dressed did you see a fit, lean, and healthy body, or Did you see an ever-growing stomach, soft, “flabby” fat, and a body that’s become weak, tired and soft?The truth is that even if you are not officially "gluten intolerant" or "gluten sensitive", there are hundreds of published studies that indicate that gluten can cause inflammation in your digestive system, and even cause "permeability" in your gut, which can lead to a health condition that's on the rise lately called Leaky Gut, as well as other digestive issues and autoimmune problems. Scientists theorize that the reason gluten is causing these digestive system problems is due to the excessive hybridization of wheat over the last 50 years, which has created newly modified gluten molecules that are foreign to the human digestive system compared to the ancient wheat that humans ate for several thousand years historically, and even compared to the wheat that your grandparents ate 50+ years ago. What goes through your mind as you look at yourself? This program works great!

Monday, February 13, 2017

One of the biggest benefits come from the skin

Potatoes are high in complex carbohydrates which are broken down in the blood stream slowly which is good for your body. Research has shown the you can make different filled spuds which are lower in  calories and high in nutrients. You can microwave them for eight to ten minutes and turn them and  test with a small knife to see when they are soft in the middle
In the kitchen you need to prepare them correctly so they don't lose all the great vitamins. Boiling them is the worst way to prepare them. They will lose most of the good nutrients. Some taste best  baked while other types are better in soups and salads. Some types are best when you steam them. Wax  potatoes are white or red and are best cooked to make soups and stews. The russet variety is starchy  potato which is best for mashing or baking. Spuds like long whites are great for baked, boiled, or  steamed. When you bake them you can slice them and spread the evenly on a baking sheet. You can bakes them for ten to fifteen minutes or until tender and golden.
Potatoes for your health

Sunday, February 12, 2017

There are a lot of items around your house that can be used as drugs

 There are a lot of items around your house that can be used as drugs.  Hand Sanitizer is a common household item that kids use to get high, either by sniffing or eating it.  Explain to your kids that this is not to be eaten.  2 oz of hand sanitizer is equal to 4 shots of vodka.  Tell them the dangers of what can happen brain and organ damage, death . Permanent damage to the braid and brain cells are a big result of doing inhalants.
Vapors from alcohol and inhalants such as the products used to clean keyboards , can cause damage.  Tell your children that using drugs changes their life, it forces them to make bad decisions that they normally would not make.  Tell about the bad health effects that can be the results of heave drug usage.  When a male smokes weed, their risk of getting testicular cancer is 70% higher than non-users, and their sperm count is decreased.  Tell your family members this, scare them if you have too.
Dealers try to target kids at a young ago, gets them addicted and gives them more customers.  Check packages carefully on candy especially around Halloween.  Cocaine is now flavored, strawberry, cherry, vanilla, coca-cola, anything you can imagine.  Tell your children to be on the look-out. You and family can watch videos of people on drugs, show your kids, and let them know the issues with drug abuse and where it can lead.  Keep them educated and have open and truthful conversions about how bad it can be with a life style on drugs.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

You need to change your diet

You need to change your diet. And you need to stop eating so few calories...that is only making your metabolism go slower. Starting a whole plant based diet that is high carb, low fat.

The process of turning sugars into fats is known as de novo lipogenesis. Some animals, such as pigs and cows, can efficiently convert the low-energy, inexpensive carbohydrates found in grains and grasses into calorie-dense fats. This metabolic efficiency makes pigs and cows ideal “food animals.” Bees also perform de novo lipogenesis; converting honey (simple carbohydrates) into wax (fats). However, human beings are very inefficient at this process and as a result de novo lipogenesis does not occur under usual living conditions in people. When, during extreme conditions, de novo lipogenesis does occur the metabolic cost is about 30% of the calories consumed—a very wasteful process. You need to cut down on fatty food and sugar.

Diet for dollars

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mayo Clinic study on weight loss

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.