Monday, December 12, 2016

If you are using paint removers

 If you are using paint removers, varnishes, make sure to use them outdoors. If indoors you need to be in a well ventilated area. When you clean your toilet bowl be careful not to spill the cleaner on your skin. Most toilet bowl cleaners contain hydrochloric acids which if it comes in contact with your eyes, nose or throat it can burn you.  Make sure to check the labels of furniture polishes. Some polishes contain petroleum distillates that can get into your lungs. Remember they have a pleasant odor so be careful not to inhale them. The propellants used in some spray cans can be harmful if inhaled. Propane and butane are found in air fresheners, polishes, and insecticides.
  If you use a housekeeper or maid make sure to check the chemical products they are using. Many of these products can stain clothes, carpets and furniture if not used correctly. Be careful when using bleach it can leave spots on colored carpeting and hard wood floors. If you are cleaning with any harsh chemicals make sure to remove your jewelry and wear rubber gloves.