Thursday, November 3, 2016

swimming’s the best aerobic exercise for your back

 You can relax your lower back by lying on your back on the floor. With your knees bent place your hands behind your knee and pull your leg and knee to your chest and hold. Do not bounce but just let your back muscles relax from the stretch. Remember to relax and breath out at the end of the stretch, hold for a 5 or 10 count. You should start swimming and walking they are great exercises for lower back pain. They help strengthen the back muscles and tone your stomach.
Try taking two aspirins or ibuprofen may help relieve your pain. Don’t take any medication for a bad back without reading the warnings on the lable.Stay alert while lifting, twisting and moving heavy objects. Many experts agree that swimming’s the best aerobic exercise for your back. Walking is the next best choice. You should stretching your leg and buttock muscles. You can stretcher your back and posture. Stand with your shoulders,head,shoulder blades and buttocks held firmly against the wall. You heals about six inches from the wall. Do not allow your lower back to curve. Start with the backs of your hands at thigh level. Slowly slide the backs of your hands up the wall, without losing touch with the wall with the rest of your body. Stop when your arms are so high you begin to lose contact with the wall.