Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lower Cholesterol Foods Oats

 Oats can help lower Cholesterol and your blood sugar. As you know oats have been fed to horses and  live stock forever. Oats are a very healthy grain and it has been shown to help reduce Cholesterol.  For years it has been shown the oat meal and oat bran are Lower Cholesterol Foods. Oats can lower the  low density lipoprotein cholesterol which is bad for you. Oat contain a type of soluble fiber called  beta glucan which traps bad cholesterol in the intestine and passes it through the intestine. Oats  also contain saponins which bind to bad cholesterol and move it out of the body. It does not take a  lot of oats to work in your system. You should try and eat some kind of oats several times a week.