Tuesday, November 8, 2016

hydrated drink plenty of fluid to flush out your system

 Another thing you will have to do is eat five to six smaller meals per day instead of the eating three large ones. To gain weight, working out is as important as your diet. Resistance training forces the muscles in your body to work harder and as a result increases your muscle size. Some examples are aerobics, cycling, running and weight lifting. You need to work different part of the muscle groups on different days. Just remember to give yourself adequate rest in between lifting days, this will help your muscles grow.
   Once you reach your ideal weight or the weight gain you were looking for it is all about maintaining it. You have to watch your calorie intake. Keep track of the portions you eat and adjust your diet accordingly to keep the weight on. To gain weight do not eat fatty, unhealthy foods.  Don't forget to stay hydrated drink plenty of fluid to flush out your system. When gaining weight you should not drink caffeine, alcohol, sugar drinks, and energy drinks that contain sugar these should be avoided.