Friday, October 28, 2016

The fungus that causes athlete's foot

When you have athlete's foot your skin on your feet will be red and have itchy scaling of the soles of your foot and between your toes. If you go to locker rooms or places that have moist warm air then the chances of getting an infection of athletes foot increases. The fungus that causes athlete's foot loves this type of environment and you should be careful. Your body harbors the fungus but we have a natural bacteria that keeps it in check and from spreading.
You need to treat this skin condition or it can turn into a secondary infection with severe cracking and blisters of the skin.You need to be careful not to spread the athlete's foot through direct contact to another person. You need to keep your feet dry as possible. After you bathe make sure to wipe down the skin area with a antibacterial cleaner to prevent the fungus from spreading. Do not share towels and make sure to ware thongs and put on a clean pair of white socks. Make sure to wash your socks in hot water and detergent to kill the fungus. Keep away from moisture and wash your feet twice a day and dry them thoroughly and apply medication. Make sure to dry between your toes and if necessary use a blow dryer to dry your foot. You can go barefoot or wear sandals this will help get rid of the foot infection. After you have washed your feet use any products that contain Tinactin, creams should work the best. You can soak your feet in black tea and warm water this will help relieve the itching.