Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jock itch is another fungal infection

Jock itch is another fungal infection that irritates the groin area. It usually starts at the feet and is spread to the groin from touching the groin after you have touched an effected foot. You should wear loose fitting clothing. Do not wear spandex type shorts this will increase the jock itch. If you notice small patches of scaling and itching near the inner thigh and groin you are probably infected with jock itch.
You need to treat it or it will spread to your abdomen and buttocks. You can also spread the infection to your bedding , towels, and clothes. They will need to be laundered every day in hot soap and water to prevent the spread of the fungus. You can treat the area with over the counter medications such as topical imidazoles type medications for a month twice a day. Keep the infected area clean and dry and apply anti-fungal creams and powders to help control the athletes foot and jock itch.