Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Plants you can eat for medicine

Eyebright: Grows to about one foot with oval and often downy leaves and white flowers often in grassy places in the mountains. It can be used for a general antiseptic and for eye infections. It is also said to ease hay fever and nasal congestion.
Garlic’s: Grows in most temperate climates. The smell can lead you to this plant. It has long strap like leaves on the stem and can have pinkish or white flowers. Garlic bulbs can be used as powerful antiseptic use as express juice externally diluted with water to treat wounds and swellings it also
contains a natural antibiotic.
Wild Thyme: It is small aromatic mat forming with small oval leaves and reddish purple flowers. It can be use for coughs and colds or as a potherb.
Self-Heal: It is a creeping plant pointed oval leaves and heads of violet flowers. It can be used as a expressed juice to help stop bleeding or by infusing for internal hemorrhage.
Chamomile: It is aromatic with finely dissected leaves and daisy like flowers. Use an infusion of the whole plant for fevers, headaches, and the juice of the flowers for aches and pains it also has a calming effect.
Balm: It is lemon scented and grows to about two feet. It has toothed pointed oval leaves and small white flowers. Use the infusion of the whole plant for fevers and nausea, can be used to help with painful menstruation.
Water Mint: It is aromatic hairy and always near fresh water with toothed pointed leaves and a purplish stem, it has clusters of pinkish flowers. Use as an infusion of the leaves for diarrhea reduce fevers. Other medicine plants used to help stop bleeding are Giant puffball packed as a poultice, Periwinkle leaves applied to a wound.