Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lower back pain lower back pain relief

Sitting at work for long periods of time you should stand up and stretch your lower back. Place your feet shoulder width apart and slowly lean back to the point of mild tension and hold for a ten count. You can place a rolled up towel behind your lower back and the chair. When you lift an object with your legs in a squat position not with your lower back.  If you have to carry objects keep them close to your body with your elbows in. If you are over weight especially in the tummy area will put additional strain on your lower back muscles.

 You can relax your lower back by lying on your back on the floor. With your knees bent place your hands behind your knee and pull your leg and knee to your chest and hold. Do not bounce but just let your back muscles relax from the stretch. Remember to relax and breath out at the end of the stretch, hold for a 5 or 10 count. You should start swimming and walking they are great exercises for lower back pain. They help strengthen the back muscles and tone your stomach.