Friday, September 30, 2016

Improve Your Memory

The B vitamins are essential for improved memory health and feed the brain to keep it sharp.
 Deficiencies in vitamins B6 and B12 can cause poor memory health which has been shown by doctors.  Today many foods are enriched with thiamine and niacin which supports good brain health. But in older  adults who drink alcohol often these nutrients can dip to low levels. The best way to get enough of  these minerals and vitamins is to eat foods that are enriched grains. It is not easy for the body to  absorb the B vitamins as we get past 55 so you need to eat plenty of baked potatoes, bananas, turkey  and take a vitamin supplement every day.
Improve Your Memory

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Demand By Food Sensitive People

In Demand By Food Sensitive People. This Cookbook Is Gluten-free, Low-glycemic, Allergy-aware With Meat, Vegetarian And Vegan Options Throughout. There Isn't Another Product Like It On Or Offline! Yes, It's Unique!The recipes in this eBook have been helpful for people with everything from Celiac disease and diabetes to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Also, every recipe in this book contains "healing" food of some type. This is according to the may books written by doctors who are experts in the field of nutrition.  Cookbook Is Gluten-free!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blood pressure and cholesterol medications

Blood pressure and cholesterol medications when mixed with grapefruit juice can make them less effective. You should read the labels, and talk to the doctors,nurses,pharmacists. Some foods high in calcium, like yogurt and milk, have effects on antibiotics.  Antibiotics used to treat a variety of infections are affected and you need to consult with your doctor.  Such medications are but not limited to those to treat ear infections, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, and certain STD’s  chlamydia and gonorrhea . Just be careful when you are on certain medications for and daily routines that could have an effect on your medications. You need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist this is important.  They will be able to tell you and give you advice on what to do.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lower back pain lower back pain relief

Sitting at work for long periods of time you should stand up and stretch your lower back. Place your feet shoulder width apart and slowly lean back to the point of mild tension and hold for a ten count. You can place a rolled up towel behind your lower back and the chair. When you lift an object with your legs in a squat position not with your lower back.  If you have to carry objects keep them close to your body with your elbows in. If you are over weight especially in the tummy area will put additional strain on your lower back muscles.

 You can relax your lower back by lying on your back on the floor. With your knees bent place your hands behind your knee and pull your leg and knee to your chest and hold. Do not bounce but just let your back muscles relax from the stretch. Remember to relax and breath out at the end of the stretch, hold for a 5 or 10 count. You should start swimming and walking they are great exercises for lower back pain. They help strengthen the back muscles and tone your stomach.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Plants you can eat for medicine

Eyebright: Grows to about one foot with oval and often downy leaves and white flowers often in grassy places in the mountains. It can be used for a general antiseptic and for eye infections. It is also said to ease hay fever and nasal congestion.
Garlic’s: Grows in most temperate climates. The smell can lead you to this plant. It has long strap like leaves on the stem and can have pinkish or white flowers. Garlic bulbs can be used as powerful antiseptic use as express juice externally diluted with water to treat wounds and swellings it also
contains a natural antibiotic.
Wild Thyme: It is small aromatic mat forming with small oval leaves and reddish purple flowers. It can be use for coughs and colds or as a potherb.
Self-Heal: It is a creeping plant pointed oval leaves and heads of violet flowers. It can be used as a expressed juice to help stop bleeding or by infusing for internal hemorrhage.
Chamomile: It is aromatic with finely dissected leaves and daisy like flowers. Use an infusion of the whole plant for fevers, headaches, and the juice of the flowers for aches and pains it also has a calming effect.
Balm: It is lemon scented and grows to about two feet. It has toothed pointed oval leaves and small white flowers. Use the infusion of the whole plant for fevers and nausea, can be used to help with painful menstruation.
Water Mint: It is aromatic hairy and always near fresh water with toothed pointed leaves and a purplish stem, it has clusters of pinkish flowers. Use as an infusion of the leaves for diarrhea reduce fevers. Other medicine plants used to help stop bleeding are Giant puffball packed as a poultice, Periwinkle leaves applied to a wound.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Diet Supplement Healthy Diet

The key to losing weight is a healthy low fat diet that cuts the calories that you consume. You can
 try a Diet Supplement but you need to change your diet first. You body likes fat but you need to eat
 less fat and start a healthy diet. Research has shown that if you trim your fat intake and increase
 fruits and vegetables and some kind of diet supplement you will lose weight. Research has shown a low  fat diet also increases your well being and makes you feel better.
Healthy Diet

Friday, September 9, 2016

best ways to keep you healthy is drinking fresh juice

Carrots and celery make a great drink try adding strawberries or blueberries to make a powerful
 antioxidant. You can try a couple tomatoes and green peppers to make a great tomato juice. Peal a
 cucumber and a small onion and try adding others over crushed ice for a summer juicer. Research has  show that people that drink or eat flavonoids rich foods such as apple and onions have lower risks of  heart problems then those who do not. Juicing for Beginners will teach you how to start using juicing  recipes today for weight loss and better health, with 100 simple and delicious juicing recipes, as  well as a complete guide to starting your own juicing diet.
Juice For Your Health

Saturday, September 3, 2016

There are many sleep disorders

There is a natural sleep aid called melatonin which is found in foods. There are several foods that contain melatonin oats, sweet corn, rice, ginger, bananas and barley. You can try a small portion or eat a banana if your having trouble falling asleep. There are other causes of sleep disorders that doctors and research have found. Iron and copper are very important to sleep so if you are not getting enough of these minerals you need to try and get them into your diet. Doctors have found that low levels of magnesium can cause insomnia. You can get more by eating green leafy vegetables and you can take vitamin B which has shown to help.