Wednesday, June 22, 2016

message the injured muscle

To help the area heal you can try some gently isometric muscle movements. You should net feel any pain in the muscle or joints. If you can tolerate this you should do it gently for five to tem minutes then rest. You can also have a person message the injury. Message serves the purpose of moving the fluid and should be done softly to the injured area. When you message the injured muscle you should not apply to much pressure to the area that is healing. This will promote blood flow to the muscle and the surrounding area. You should make sure to test the range of motion and move the area daily to keep it from getting to stiff from in activity. You should start stabilazation and exercise for the range of motion to the injured area.
You should not exercise the area to vigorously too soon as the muscle is still healing. If you notice pain then the area is not healed. The new muscle tissue is still connecting to the surrounding area and not ready for full work outs. Because of the restricted use of the muscle some weakness will be noticed. You need to stay within the tolerance of the muscle that is damaged. If you notice inflammation then the activity must be stopped. You can return to muscle exercise once the area is free from pain and inflamation.You can try low intensity high repetition exercise. Nothing to heavy and nothing of high intensity work outs.