Friday, January 29, 2016

Making a first aid kit

Here are a lot of things to keep in mind when making a first aid kit.  Who is it for?  Where are you going to keep it?  Why do I want it?  All these questions are easily answered.  The first thing to think about it where you are going to keep the kit.  It will be different if it is for your home, car, or office.  However, something to remember no matter where you keep it that it needs to be kept simple and basic.  All you need is a bunch of items in the kit that you don’t know what they are during a stressful situation.  
Some ideas for a first aid kit is sterile gauze pads, band-aids, non-latex gloves different sizes, dependant upon who could use it,  best to keep all sizes or a couple sets of a larger size , antibiotic, hydrocortisone cream, a breathing barrier (for CPR), and a reference card.  The card should have emergency numbers  burn control, poison control, EMS, family members .
You can build a first aid kit specified for your needs.  The suggestions listed above would be best for a smaller kit that you could carry around, however if you want a large kit add in a flashlight which extra batteries , a blanket, scissors, thermometer, hot/cold pack  two different packs, you break and they heat or cool , and elastic wraps.  Basically, you can put whatever you want in a first-aid kit.  Just make sure if you have medications, etc.  in it you restock it and check it regularly.  You need to check the dates to be sure that there are not expired materials in the kit.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

problems with their digestive tract

You need to detoxifying the home this will help strengthen the immune system from home allergies. make sure that you do not have old dusty carpets which can harbor molds. Make sure to use one hundred percent cotton sheets and pillow cases. Air filters in the furnace need to be changes every couple months. You can buy filters that go in the vents that will keep dust to a minimun.You can try some plants that are great at absorbing pollution. These include the spider plants,Brazilian palms, wide leaf wandering Jews, and marigolds.
Try to use natural room deodorizers with healthier alternatives such as baking soda ,lemon juice, and white vinegar. Boiling peppermint will act as a natural air freshener as well. All this will help you boost your immune system and make you feel better. By taking small steps such as buying herbs and alternative health foods will make you more healthy in the long run.