Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting a rash from poison ivy or poison oak

 The itching form these plants can drive you crazy but you can't ignore it and need to take care of the infection. Getting a rash from poison ivy or poison oak is hard to live with. You need to know what to do if you come in contact with these plants and how to treat the rash if you do. If you come in contact with poison ivy or the others and get a rash it is from the oil on the outside of the plants. You are having a allergic reaction from it. This oil is clear and called urushial and comes from the leaves or stems that has been broken or touched.
 This oil content runs the highest in the spring and summer. Poison ivy and oak are hardy weeds that can be found through out the United States. They are not in Alaska and Hawaii and some areas of Nevada. All three weed produce similar reactions and if you are allergic to one in most cases you are allergic to the others. Cases of poison oak and sumac affect ten to fifty million people a year. You may have a bad reaction to one of these weeds all your life. Once the oil touches the skin within twelve to forty eight hours a red itchy rash appears. This is followed by blisters that may weep and later get crusty. The area usually heals in about ten days. The rash can be severe and painful to some.
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