Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wounds hygiene Skin Care First Aid

When you wash your  clothes hang them in the sunshine and let them air dry.If you go swimming you can swim with your clothes on this will also get them clean. If you take soap along make sure it is biodegradable and try and keep it dry so that it does not get into your clothes and food. If you have it in a backpack there are many soap containers that are water proof or put it in a sealed plastic bag. If you wash up in a lake or stream be careful not to use shampoo or soap that can contaminate the water. The same goes for brushing your teeth use a biodegradable tooth paste or baking soda ,try and think green when camping or hiking. The same goes when you have to use the bathroom there is biodegradable toilet paper that can be bought and kept in a dry container.

You should take along a first aid kit or a book on surviving in the wilderness .There is nothing wrong with reading how to take care of yourself if you have problems when camping or hiking. Keep some matches in a dry container for starting a emergency fire if your lost.You should take along a compass and learn how to use it. Most of these tips are for camping or hiking in the deep woods. Being prepared is always better then not knowing what you are doing especially if you hike or camp where there is no contact with other people. Most cell phones don't work in the deep woods but take one along and keep it turned off to save the battery. Always let someone know where you will be located and the time you will be done.
Skin Care First Aid