Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weight lifting routine Muscle

You need to increase muscle flexibility with stretching exercises. If you participate in sports or not increasing your muscle flexibility is good for your body. Try these ideas on how to increase your muscle flexibility through proper stretching.
The first thing you need to do before playing sports or going for a run or just walking to get exercise is do a proper muscle warm up. You need to take from five to ten minutes to stretch your muscles for a good warm up. Remember you warm up to stretch you do not stretch to warm up. Depending on your body type determines how long you take. A lean body will take a shorter time to get warm the a stocky body type. Your stretching routine should be gentle and relaxing. You should take long and relaxed breaths with each muscle stretch.
 Regular stretching before exercise with help reduce injuries. If your muscles are tight they are more prone to injuries and strains. Laying on your back and pulling your knee to your chest and hold for a five count will increase your hamstring flexibility before jogging or walking. In a standing position cross your ankles and bend over a touch your toes for a five count. Its ok to bend your knees a little to relieve pressure on your lower back. Make sure to breath slowly letting out the breath at the end of the stretch.On all your muscle stretching routines take it slow and easy. Only stretch to the point of discomfort with no bouncing or jerking motions. You should apply steady pressure during the stretch and remember to breath slowly. After you have taking your walk or jog make sure to do a cool down. This is important to let the muscles recover. Take at least five minutes and again gently stretch the muscles to help them recover from the exercise.
Lifting routine Muscle