Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bio-active whey protein

Benefits of Whey Protein ,Whey protein is actually a term used to describe a group of globular proteins that can be separated from whey. When cow's milk is used to manufacture cheese, it also leads to the production of whey, which may or may not be discarded. It is a mixture of lacto globulin, alpha-lactalbumin and serum albumin. Similar to protein found in egg white, whey protein can also be irreversibly changed by heat. When made part of the pasteurization process, it becomes less bio-active.
 whey protein naturally becomes bio-active which can mean it contains a high concentration of cytokine and consequently glutathione, an antioxidant that is essential to improved fitness and health.  Bio-active whey protein is an active source for protein but if it comes in contact with heat can easily reduce the amount of cysteine in it without affecting its protein content and basic food value.
What Makes It Good for the Body Because whey protein contains an inordinate amount of essential and non-essential acids, it can play a prominent part in most low-carb and high-protein diets.
Whey Protein for Bodybuilding and work outs For bodybuilders, muscle growth is everything and that's why they love whey protein so much. Studies have shown that whey protein can lead to faster muscle development. Good news for bodybuilders who are only a few weeks away from the date of competition but is still in need of muscle growth.
How it Helps Athletes Busy Recovering from Old Injuries In this case, whey protein saves the day once more because it can be used to supplement diets of individuals who are suffering from weak immune systems. It can help  athletes heal faster and feel better.
Whey Protein Benefits