Saturday, January 3, 2015


People there are some different forms of stretching including static, dynamic, stretch resistance, stretch relaxation and ballistic. This article will concentrate on limited to static stretching because it is easier to do. The average person rarely stretches either before or after a work out or
sports is more likely to do static stretches. You need to do the stretching properly and not over do it. It is just as bad as pulling a muscle if you do not stretch properly. Flexibility is only one component of fitness do not over do it.
Don’t over stretch a good stretch is one where you feel a slight tension but it is still comfortable. You should not bounce back and forth. Each stretch should last for up to thirty seconds.Make sure to move slowly into and out of the stretch in a fluid motion.Next move into the next stretch. With each
stretch try and move it a little farther and make sure to keep the muscles warm during the work out. Do not force a stretch. If it hurts, don't do it. It is very important to prepare for the sport or work out to keep from getting injured.You can do this if you ware equipment and stretch while putting
on your equipment. Always use moderation when getting ready to work out or play sports. Aggressive stretching is counter productive and does not warm up the muscles correctly. Stretching exercises are designed to relieve pain, not to create it. When there is pain then the stretch is probably being forced and done wrong.
Stretching benefits