Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We all need to prevent staph infection MRSA

We all need to prevent staph infection MRSA .You can use antimicrobial agents .
Staph infections MRSA are on the rise and can get onto your skin from sports gear that has not been cleaned. Exercise equipment, weight rooms and locker rooms need to be properly cleaned to prevent infections.
The first thing you need to do if you are into sports and working out is to make sure to wash with a antimicrobial soap when you are done. You should not be sharing towels, clothing or anything someone else has used without washing the item first.  All the contact sports will have a higher possibility of contracting   mrsa. Ice hockey is especially high on the list because of the equipment.
You must not share shin pads or equipment that has not been cleaned this is a big mistake. Your chances of catching a staph infection from a open cut or sore on your skin is very high. Football and lacrosse players can also catch staph infections.  People that are into wrestling make sure the school uses an antimicrobial agents to clean the wrestling mats.
You need to clean your equipment at least once a month to reduce the chances of getting a stapf infection. Staph can be found in body fluids, blood, sweat,  and can hide in your sports gear that come into contact with your skin. Weight lifters you need to wipe down the benches and weight equipment with a antimicrobial cloth most gyms will provide these.
Staph infection mrsa