Saturday, December 6, 2014

PRP Therapy for injuries

Many people and athletes are asking for platelet rich plasma therapy for their injuries. This has been a topic all around the world to treat an injury. PRP is not a novel treatment. It has been used for more the twenty years out side of sports medicine. PRP is being use to promote healing in bone and cartilage growth and promote wound healing. It appears the this type of therapy can get a person or athlete back in action faster. Many sports medicine professionals are looking into this type of treatment to offer their patients.  Along with stretching and resting the injured area can respond faster to treatment if you include PRP, because of its inherent healing and growth promoting factors. PRP therapy, an emerging treatment in a new health sector known as ”Orthobiologics," offers a promising solution to accelerate healing of tendon injuries
 How does PRP work? Normal blood contains plasma and platelets the travel through out the body and go into action when an injury occurs. They primarily promote blotting clotting ,and start the healing process. The idea behind PRP is to use high concentration of platelets to promote healing to the injury. Most treatment contain three to five times the amount more of platelets and growth factor then normal blood. This is done by collecting the patients own blood and using various sub traits to make the blood richer. It has been found that this treatment has had great success in the treatment of hamstring with no pain or disability after treatment and the area has healed. It has boon shown that this type of injury responds well due to the limited blood supply to that area. It is not know why PRP works in some area and not others.
PRP Therapy