Saturday, December 27, 2014

A sprain is severe stress or a tear of soft tissues

A stain such as overstretching ,overexertion and overuse of soft tissue is less severe then a sprain. A sprain is severe stress or a tear of soft tissues such as a joint ,ligament, tendon or muscle tear. If you have a rupture the pain is experienced in the area of the sprain. This soft tissue damage will have inflammation pain and some muscle spasm. Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon that may result in scarring or calcium deposits. A contusion to soft tissue will show bruising from a direct blow, this results in bleeding and an inflammatory response.
If you have soft tissue damage to a muscle you might have the following conditions. You will notice a decrease in the muscle strength due to some nerve damage. This can be caused by the direct blow to the muscle and from pain from the injury which causes inactivity. You will have mild pain at the time of the injury or within twenty four hours. You can have local tenderness and pain when the tissue is stressed. This is the least severe of a soft tissue injury. Most of these type of soft tissue injuries to muscles can be treated with rest and ice. When the area is always inflamed you need to start traetment or consult with your doctor.
You can heal at home from a mild soft tissue injury. You should rest and ice the area the first twenty four to forty eight hours. You can apply a compression bandage and elevate the injury if possible. You can also message the area gently after you have applied ice. You should not keep the area from being mobile and gently work the area but avoid any severe pain. Your movement of the area should be just enough so that the muscles are not stretched. Any movement should not result in pain or more swelling. You should avoid any exercise activity that involves the injured area. You should use the proper dosage of rest and movement if the area is swollen or inflamed, which will show up as pain when you try to move the area that is injured.
Soft Tissue Injuries