Friday, September 5, 2014


How to look and feel younger healthier Everybody wants to look and feel younger.  Here are some ideas to do so.Exercise can make you look and feel younger.  Keeps your body in shape, physically and mentally.  Exercise is a wonderful thing for the body.  It makes your heart, lungs, muscles, bones, and other organs all healthier.  Some exercises to do is stretching, flexibility is important.  Aerobics  brisk walking  for about 30 minutes a day every other day will help burn about 2000 calories a week.  This is essential to a healthy heart.  Do exercises that engage your body weight, such as planks.  And work on balance exercises, which will help engage your core.

A change in diet will also make you feel and look younger.  Fish oils are good, as well as a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Green tea is a good antioxidant try to drink without sugar. Changing your hair style can make you look younger.  Wearing a dress instead of a skirt shirt can give you a hourglass figure.  This can make you look younger and feel better about yourself.  When you feel better about yourself, your self-esteem will increase.
Something we cannot control is genetics.  This is a big part of how you look and feel, however we can do other things.  30% is genetics, while the other 70% is the choices we make.  This is why it is important to quit smoking, limit alcohol intake, exercise, and keep a healthy, well-balanced diet.  All this is very important, not only to be healthier, but for a better quality of life as well.
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