Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Muscle performance

Muscle performance refers to the capacity of the muscle to do work. It sis effected by all your bodies systems. The key elements that you need to strive for are strength, power, and endurance.  There are many other factors that can impair peak muscle performance. When you have problems with your muscles this can lead to injury and hinder your performance. Resistance exercise is one of the ways to improve your muscles.  This type of work out is when a dynamic or static muscle contraction is resisted by an outside force. This will enhance muscle performance increase strength and power. You will also reduce the risk of soft tissue injury during activity.
 Muscle strength is a broad term which refers to the ability of the muscle to produce tension and force based on the demand placed on it. The development of muscle strength is a direct result of working the muscles harder during heavy or prolonged weight lifting. This will also increase the size of your muscles. You also need to developed muscle power. Because a workout can be produced over a very brief or extended time frame, power can be expressed by either a single burst of high intensity such as lifting a heavy weight or repeated bursts of less intense muscle activity.