Sunday, August 24, 2014

reduce your love handles

A big part of keeping the weight off is to change your bad habits and mindset.  If you keep a daily journal of what you eat just the food items, not necessarily the calories and other nutritional information you will see the bad things you need to either not eat or cut back the numbers.  Really, be selfish with yourself to take care of yourself.  On days you are not feeling good about yourself and you want to over eat or emotionally eat, start thinking that you deserve a good body so smile and say” I am not over eating today". 
Exercise is very important.  It is easy calories in, calories out.  Overeating can lead to poor health, depression, as well as a slew of other health problems.  When you are healthier and eat better your mood and health will be better and you will have more energy. Stay away from alcohol, which weakens self control, thus leading to out of control eating and snacking.  You can splurge, but you need to do a little extra exercise the next few days to make up for it. Remember the calories you take in need to be burned off and always try and do the proper work outs.
Pilates and yoga are good exercise programs to engage in.  Gyms offer classes, with instructors so you are sure to be doing it correctly.  Going to a class also makes you more motivated and positive towards exercise.  Other classes more focused toward cardiovascular health are also offered.  At work, if you are sitting all day, take a physioball in, sit on that for a couple hours  this will help strengthen your core muscles .
Love handles