Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jumping rope is a plyometric exercise

Jumping rope is a plyometric exercise it improves the stretch reflexes of the muscles. The faster a muscle can contract after lengthening the greater the power will come form the muscle. You will become quicker and more agile. Hit and go is the best when doing this work out. You should start out with a fifteen minute routine and work up from there. You need to start slowly as this will shock your body and mind. If you are in decent shape and like to lift weight this is a great warm up before lifting. Jumping for fifteen minutes can be the same, calorie wise, to running an eight minute mile. So if the weather is bad then a jumping routine is a great substitute. Jumping rope should be done with quality over quantity to keep your joints,bones,and connective tissue by proper repetitive impact.
Warm-up routines are a great way to help prevent injuries. Ankle sprains are common in most sports but jumping rope with lateral movements strengthens the ankle joint and creates ankle stability. A good routine to start out with would include. Regular jumps x40, running in place x40,jumping jacks x40, 20 left foot and 20 right foot. You can end with 40 fast as possible making sure to breath properly. As you progress you can put more focus on the intensity or speed of the work out. The beauty of the jump rope is its versatility and availability and ease of use. Remember you should not slap the ground with each rotation. This means you should strike the ground quickly and gently. It is a must have tool for all who want to lose weight and become a better athlete.