Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Immune system

Your immune system has antibodies and lymphatic circulating through you entire blood system. At this time it is not known how to enhance your bone marrow through good nutrition. However proper diet and nutrition can help bring the bone marrow into proper faction. When you become allergic your thymus gland often does not work up to par because of the enormous amount  of immune system function is thymus related. In some cases a sluggish spleen may hinder immune system functioning to its full potential. The best ways to work with the lymphatic system includes massages, herbal preparations or combination of the two.
Many people have problems with their digestive tract such as indigestion, heart burn, burping and many others. If the process of digesting your food is under par then the immune system is likely to become over active or the opposite. The steps of acid production pancreas enzyme production and such are nor working like they should. In many cases your gall bladder can be at fault and you need to consult with your doctor. Today many physicians know the value of herbal medicine that will detoxify and strengthen the entire system. Many countries like China and India have been using herbs in their diet for thousands of years.
It will come as a surprise the eighty percent of the world relies on some kind of herbal medicine rather then modern American medicine. In the last ten years there has been a tremendous improvement in the use of herbs and how thy are produced. For example Ginseng has been refined and sold in health food stores and your local super markets. You need to make sure your system can tolerate certain herbs immune system building nutrients and herbs from your local store.
Immune System boost