Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Low carb diet

Many people eat more foods high in protein instead, and that's a mistake. A normal diet contains
enough protein to support the added muscle growth and development of a young person. Going out for different activities can easily increase the daily calorie needs of a person by 2,000 or more. A
teenage boy out for a sport like football or basketball may consume 5,000 or more calories daily. You
usually burn more calories in a practice session than in actual competition because more total work is
usually done during practice. However, the rate at which calories are burned for short periods of time
may be greater from short bursts of intense activity during competition. Activity levels vary among
sports as well as with the position played in a sport. If an athlete who is in shape loses body weight
during a competitive season, it's a good indication that he or she isn't eating enough energy
providing food. Young athletes should be weighed once a week throughout the season to guard against unhealthy weight loss caused by inadequate food intake.
Young people have a lot of growing to do. New muscle tissue must be made. Bones need to grow rapidly. And with all of the physical activity, some tissues need to be repaired. All of this metabolic
activity requires an abundance of nutrients and energy carried to body tissues and waste products
carried away. Water allows all of this to happen. Water is vital for your body's growth, repair, and
physical activity. No matter what your age you need to hydrate and drink plenty of fluids.