Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to reduce your love handles

Love handles, many people have them, but despite the name, they are not lovely.
 Love handles are not easy to get rid of, but not impossible.  You have to work hard and stay motivated.  Do not use the ab belts that say they will reduce love handles.  It is a gimmick and does not work. At the start you most likely need a change in lifestyle.  This is both the easiest and most difficult thing to do.  Some lifestyle changes include diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, smoking, and sleep habits. You will need to change your diet.  Eat more fruits and vegetables each day: at least six servings to start.  Cut out sugars and sweets this is important.
Love handles Sugars and sodium  are so bad for your health and your teeth.  Stay away from it as much as possible.  If you drink soda, replace it was water or diet drinks.  Be cautious with diet sodas as well.  The artificial sweetener in them can actually trick your body and hinder weight loss. By controlling your portions you will be able to cut down the extra food consumption easily. You should drink plenty of water; you need to stay hydrated, especially with increased activity levels.
Exercise is a big part in losing love handles.  Don't think you need to do only core workouts.  Full body resistance training and cardiovascular exercise will change your appearance, mood, self-esteem, and percent body fat.  You should incorporate core exercises into your workout, however it should not be the only component.  Be sure to begin any workout program slowing and progress.