Friday, July 11, 2014

Health and fitness stress management

Make sure to focus your breathing which will relieve tension and center your well being on what matters most. Now you can eat a light healthy meal or breakfast. You should include fruit and juices and the green tea. This will incorporate and maintain proper minerals, vitamins and nutrients in your bloodstream. Your energy level needs to be high for prolonged and intense mental work, whether for a hour or several hours of your daily participation at work or home.  Review your work Plan and personal Rules to keep them fresh in your mind. Keep them posted for easy reference while in the work day. It is vital that you are familiar with your daily plan and rules intimately. You can't follow a rule you have forgotten. By having a plan this will reduce your stress through out the day. Then take a deep breath and enjoy becoming one with the day and energy flow.
Remember patience is a key ingredient to both seeing things as they are and waiting until the your plan comes to you don't let stress take over. Stress management of the work day may present themselves to either clarify and strengthen your confidence, or stress you out of the dream that caused you to see something that wasn't really there. Stay focused this will help reduce stress. With a good health and fitness routine to energize your system in the morning you will fly through the day. Stress management to start the day will help you live longer and healthier.