Friday, May 9, 2014

sources for aerobic exercise

There are many sources for aerobic exercise you need to develop a plan that best fits your needs. In addition you need some ideas about cardiovascular and respiratory exercise that is right for you. You need to differentiate between high level and low level work outs and sports activities. You need to calculate the maximum heart rate for your age and fitness. These are important plans before you start any aerobic routine or exercise program.
Aerobic exercise training or conditioning is an the use of your energy by your muscles. The improvement of your muscles ability to use energy is a direct result of your physical conditioning. Your training program should produce a cardiovascular and muscle endurance that increases over time. Training for a particular sport or event is dependant on the improvement in the exercise task and routine that you have developed. You need to increase your performance for the sport or activity that you participate in. The need for oxygen that you consume is determined by your heart rate. In a healthy person the balance between oxygen supply and demand is maintained during maximum exercise.
The aerobic exercise period must be with in your tolerance and not be too much for you to handle. Over training can be a problem and have serious side effects if you are not in excellent shape. You should carefully plan your work out program which will lead to higher levels of fitness. Make sure to have a warm up period that will increase your muscle temperature. This should include an increase need for oxygen to meet the energy demands for your muscles.  In the healthy person continues training is the most effective way to improve endurance.
Aerobic Exercise