Monday, May 19, 2014

Eat a good breakfast

There are many bad choices so you can talk to an athletic trainer for a proper diet. High quality carbs include whole grains,fruit,100 % juice,yogart to name a few. Hydrating your body in the morning is very important. A simple rule of thought is to look for cereals with four or more grams of protein and low in sugar. If you do not feel hungry in the mornings it is because your body has not woke up ,you need to train your body to eat in the mornings this is a great way to get the day started. If you don't feel like eating you can mix a powered drink or instant breakfast that are made with high energy and protein’s liquid meal is definitely worth a try and better then nothing at all.
Skipping a meal or not eating breakfast will not help you lose weight. Meals do not have to be heavy on calories but you need them to stay healthy. Many studies have found that breakfast eaters tend to maintain healthier weights. It has been shown that the healthy morning meals reduce the appetite and overall food intake during the day. Instead of eating two or three heavy meals during the day. You will have more even energy levels through out the day. The feeling of being hungry is more perception then actuality if you eat in the mornings. You can look and feel better if you eat small meals during the day and a hearty healthy meal in the morning. Properly fueled you will have energy all day long. You should have better concentration skills and performance at work or in the gym.
Breakfast Recipes