Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cross Training

You can do cross training for fitness and to loose weight. Cross training is when you involve yourself in a different workout that you usually do.  This helps prevent burnout, injury, and gives you a variety in your workout routine, which keeps you motivated. To cross train, do something different than you normally do.  If you run everyday, take a couple days and go swimming or ride a bicycle  stationary bikes work too !  On the other end, if you are a swimmer, go for a run or a bike ride.  Common activities for cross training are swimming, running, cycling, ice or roller skating, tennis, racquetball, or rowing.  Cross training helps improve your performance. To cross train think of something fun that you enjoy, related to exercise of course.  Do this activity, have some fun.  If you have never tried anything new, grab a friend and go try some different things.  Cross training is a good motivational tool and helps prevent burnout, and overuse injuries, while keeping up your workout schedule and fitness.
 Cross training is a great way to loose weight.  Your body gets used to doing the same thing everyday.  It needs a change.  If you do the same workouts your body will adapt and no longer be affected by what you are doing.  Change is essential to overall fitness and health.  When you are doing something you enjoy, and something different it is easier to keep up a routine because boredom is not as much of a problem.  Overall, cross training helps to prevent injuries, burnout, and exhaustion, while at the same time improving strength, fitness, mental and physical health, and happiness.
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