Wednesday, February 21, 2018

best fat burning foods

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


 We all need to exercise to maintain our health. These work outs are for the young and old. You need to start slow and build up if you are not use to working out. All these exercises were developed by a licensed athletic trainer just start out slowly and work up to build your endurance.

Description: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down as far as you can and place your hands on the ground at shoulder width as if you are about to do a push up. From here, kick your feet back into the push-up position in one fluid motion.
 Immediately lift your feet and shoot them back towards your hands, landing back in the starting position. Then, jump up as high as you can in a jump and land in the starting position. That is one repetition.

Muscles worked: Full Body.
Mountain Climbers
Description: Begin with your hands and feet on the floor so your body is in an extended U-shape. Bring one knee up to your chest, then immediately switch legs, bringing your opposite leg up to your chest. Both feet should strike the ground on each repetition. Hands remain on the ground at all times.
Muscles worked: Lower Body/Cardio.

Power Step-Ups
Description: Step up onto and object, then step back down from it. Perform as a normal step-up, however, with powerful force and explosive action.
Muscles worked: A higher step targets the hamstrings more and a lower step targets the quads more. Other muscles are glut max, calf complex.

3-way Shoulders
Description: Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Hold dumbbells at sides of body. This exercise involves three different movements. First, a lateral raise followed by a forward raise. For the third part, squat down, and perform shoulder protraction. Stand up straight again. That is considered one repetition.
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Monday, February 19, 2018

Elliptical Trainer's motion

The Cross Training handlebars that are added to the Elliptical Trainer's motion, allow you to get into a higher gear from the word go. By using all the muscles in the chest, back and arms, you are actually multi-tasking while on this fitness machine! This movement makes a workout on a crosstrainer much more effective than a workout on an treadmill. You will notice a total body workout, instead of focusing only on the lower body. A workout on this type of machine in fact combines exercise on a stair stepper, treadmill, rowing machine, and ordinary elliptical trainer. You will increase your heart rate at a fast beat, and experience the results of calorie fat-burning exercise.

This makes it nice because you can work out a certain area more so than others, while still getting a great cardiovascular workout.  Most machines do not need to be plugged into the wall, but some do.  Pay attention to this when buying it and where you plan to put it in your home. 

Elliptical machines and trainers and usually very difficult to put together and carry.  They are packaged in large boxes and are very, heavy.  I suggest buying from a company that has a delivery and insulation service.  It may cost a little bit extra money, but it is well worth it.  The technicians that come are trained and have the correct tools to put the machine together fastest and with less worry.  It is added stress that you do not need.  You do not want to start out having a workout machine in your home, and being ready to use it, then hate it from putting it together.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

arthritis pain

You can live with arthritis pain and ease joint pain

 Arthritis is something some of us have to live with.  It is painful and inflicts us as we get older. Here are some steps that we can take to ease arthritis discomfort and joint pain. There is no cure for arthritis but coping techniques will leave you more active and in control of your activities.

  First make sure to check with your doctor on what medications you can take that will help with the joint pain. If you suffer from sever arthritis make sure to plan your day. Schedule the most emanding tasks first so you will have the greatest amount of energy. Try and avoid activities that put strain on your fingers and joints. make sure to use the palms of your hands when you have to lift an object. Make sure to keep any heavy lifting to a minimum. Do not lock your joints for long periods of time. Relax and stretch your body as much as possible.
When it is possible use your arms to carry out an activity,such as pushing open a heave door with the side of your body. If you have a task that can be done sitting down do that instead of standing.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018


You can make a soup with the insects and dandelions. You need to find rotting logs lying on the ground these excellent places to look for a variety of insects including ants, termites, beetles, and grubs, which are beetle larvae. Do not overlook insect nests on or in the ground. grassy areas, likeas fields,they are good areas to search because the insects are easily seen.Look under stones, boards, or other materials lying on the ground provide the insects with good nesting sites and for worms.

Remember you need to eat and drink if you are lost in the wilds. Eating protein rich bugs is good for you Crickets are loaded with calcium, and termites are rich in iron, and good for the earth Raising cows, pigs, and sheep is a tremendous waste of the planet's resources, but bug ranching is pretty benign. After all, what's inherently more disgusting about eating a grasshopper than, say, an oyster? Gordon enthusiastically provides recipes for terrestrial arthropods gleaned from the entomophagic appetites of people around the world, telling you which insects are most delicious and which to avoid, how to cook them, and which wine to drink with your many-legged meal. The recipes themselves are clear, easy to follow, and quite educational, with sidebar tidbits about the bugs you're about to eat. Bugs you can eat

Sunday, February 11, 2018

You can reduce the risk of dehydration

Avoid caffeinated beverages  like coffee, pop, tea , alcohol, sugar,candy,sweets, drink before you are thirsty, provide adequate water breaks during intense activity, avoid high-protein diets, and wear light weight, light colored clothing.  Rubber suits or  sweat suits  should not be worn. Drinking water throughout the entire day is better than chugging it directly before activity.  This not only makes your stomach feel full, it does not get absorbed in your body as well as it does when drank in moderation.
Why drink Phenoh 7.4? It has More alkaline minerals than alkaline waters, More organic nutrients than vitamin enhanced waters, Less sugar, lower calories and more alkaline than coconut waters, No preservatives, additives artificial colors or sweeteners, No high fructose corn syrup or GMO’s, High potassium, with no added sodium.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

exercises abdominal fat loss exercises

1 Your abdominal muscle is not different from regular muscle.
Your abdominal muscles are just like every other muscle in your body. The abdominal muscle is different in that the location unlike the biceps or quads they don't rest on a bony surface. So you should train them the same way you would train  your biceps or your chest muscles. The basic lifting and workouts apply to all your muscles, including your abs. This means that you have to do exercises with the proper repitition of movements to effectively work the muscle.
You have to train your abs everyday.
The rules of weight lifting suggest that you should give your muscles at least, a day of rest to recover and this applies to your abs as well. Instead of working your back everyday, do them every other day or even just three times a week. They need a break just like the rest of your body. The trick is to train them hard.
3 Doing ab exercises gets rid of abdominal fat.
There is no such thing as spot reduction. People assume that if you have fat deposits on your abdominal, exercising the muscles underlying the fat will make it go away. But they assume wrong. You can't get rid of the fat over a muscle by repeatedly exercising that body part. The only way to burn fat from your abs is through prolonged exercise and a healthy, low calorie diet. Try and stay away from fatty foods.
High repetitions are required to make gains.
As you've read earlier, abs are just like every other muscle in your body. That means, you should train your abs the same way as the rest of your muscle groups. To make strength gains with your abs, you have to overload your muscles.You should train like normal and rest for a day.
Anyone can have a flat stomach.
For many people it's not physiologically possible to achieve a flat stomach. In most of us the abdominal muscles are designed to be somewhat rounded, not flat. Age, genetics, gender all these factors decide the size, shape and appearance of your tummy.